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In order to permanently eliminate your baldness problem, Doctor Massimo Cesana and his team use the world-class “hair-to-hair” Transplantation Technique.


The Medical Group Massimo Cesana is located in Sao Paulo’s financial center. It is located at Alameda Santos no. 336 which is in the same block of the Brigadeiro Subway Station.

The group has been performing state of the art transplant hair surgeries for 30 years. With more than 5,000 transplant surgeries performed to date, you can be assured that Dr. Massimo Cesana and his team will provide world class transplantation results using only the latest cosmetic techniques.

The loss of ones hair tends to make a person look older than they really are. The results of this loss can be self-consciousness, low self-esteem and a preoccupation in finding a hair loss solution. Most men and women are disappointed with “quick fix” remedies of medications and lotions because they produce little or no results.

The only solution existing today to permanently restore hair loss is with hair transplantation surgery. All transplantation surgery techniques are not alike. While some techniques produce an embarrassing doll like appearance, Dr. Massimo produces a natural appearance indistinguishable from hair that was once growing in a bald area before.


The synergies in using world-class techniques combined with Dr. Cesana’s surgical and artistic skill produce the best possible results. The team painstakingly divides hairs from a donor section from the back of the head using a high-powered magnifying glass and transplants individual hairs using state of the art microsurgery instruments. The team has performed hair transplantation surgery since 1985 and is proud to serve their clients using only the most effective techniques in providing both permanent the most natural hair replacement methods known.

The team takes pride in knowing with Dr. Cesana’s experience that they are helping to change the way their clients look and feel about themselves because they are providing a service few others take the time or have the skill to perform. Hairdressers are stunned to see their clients “magically” grow their hair back after the surgery is performed. Once the surgery is performed, clients can look forward to a rejuvenated appearance and restored self-confidence.

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