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There are many causes of hair loss. It is normal for the average person to loss 50 to 70 hairs a day on ones head. This is nothing to worry about because a new hair will normally grow from the same hair root.

The major causes of permanent hair loss are heredity and age.

Other causes include :

  • Trauma caused by intensive blow dryer abuse and stressing the hair root by having the hair in constant tension. “Pony tail or Pig tail” style can cause this abuse.

  • Drug treatment for some illnesses

  • High fever

  • Radiation or chemotherapy

  • Infections

  • Toxic (nicotine, drugs, abuse of alcoholic beverages, formaldehyde)

  • Nutritional and metabolic deficiencies

  • Skin diseases (Areata Alopecia, Seborrheic)

  • Misused hair treatments or abused prescriptions

  • Smoking or Drug abuse


It is common for clients to exhibit a combination of above-mentioned risk factors. This combined with having a genetically programmed hair loss schedule will cause a gradual thinning of ones hair.

It is important to understand the complete medical background of the client in order to design a treatment program that is as individual as each client is. Once medical and scalp assessment is made the group give a honest and complete evaluation as to hair transplant options.


The hair-by-hair transplantation microsurgery technique is appropriate for both Men and Women:


  • All stages of androgenetic hair loss from small regions to extensive baldness.

  • Hair failure (or lack of) may be corrected in the axillar, genital, pectoral mustache and beard regions.

  • Procedures to cover scars due to accidents, burning, tattoo removal or past poor surgery techniques.

  • Unsatisfactory results performed by less skilled transplant surgeons that produced “doll hair”.


  • Lack of eyebrows.

  • Hair losses due to continuous depletion, accidental burning flocculate and other dermatologic pathologies, congenital absence to tattoo hiding.

  • Hair failure in the female genital region due to cesarean scars.

  • Hair failure due to plastic surgery, scars due to accidents, infections, tumors and burns.

  • Replace hair in sections after face-lift surgery.


According to the Norwood-Hamilton Classification there are 7 classes of male progressive baldness.


Unlike men who lose practically all their hair following a "pattern," many women lose hair diffusely. Various types of female hair loss are identified in the Ludwig-Savin Classification.

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