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Before and After Photos

Besides eliminating the baldness stigma, the procedure produces a facial rejuvenation which not only improves one appearance but over all mood and feeling of self worth. Hair transplantation is different from medical hair growth treatments because it requires no constant application of creams or lotions, which in the long run cost much more than transplantation. Transplantation is permanent and much thicker results are assured than medical treatments.

Technical knowledge, combined with years of surgical experience and an artistic ability is the only way to ensure results shown below. While many hair transplant surgeons obtain “hit or miss” results, Dr. Cesana’s experience in facial re-construction, and severe burn victims and 5,000 performed hair transplant surgeries guarantee that results provided are the highest quality available. His reputation is far reaching in that clients visit his clinic from all over the world both to take advantage of his skill and the Brazilian Real devaluation.

Dr. Massimo Cesana’s internationally known skill is illustrated in the photos seen here. Created hairlines are imperceptible to anyone.

To see for yourself, view the photos below in order to see BEFORE and AFTER results.

A client word

It is a given that all hair that is transplanted from an acceptable donor area will grow for the rest of your life since it is genetically programmed to do so.

We guarantee that you will similar results as shown in these pre-operative and post-operative photos seen in the photographic study section of this page. The results shown are typical hair translation results obtained for a various levels of hair loss.

The one thing clients say on a consistent basis is that they waited too long to obtain Dr. Massimo Cesana’s services because they had no idea that their hair loss problem could be corrected so effectively and painlessly.

“I thought to myself, I am too young to be bald. I am only 25 years old. Then I decided to try hair transplantation surgery with Dr. Cesana. The surgery was painless, relaxing and lasted for about three hours. My self-esteem improved and I feel more socially confident. The mirror became my friend again not my enemy!! I had the two-step transplantation program and the results were nothing short of excellent. If you have ever looked in the mirror and thought “Oh my God“, hair loss is happening to me, you can reverse time and improve your appearance by receiving transplantation surgery”. C.S.

Other patient's assessment

Many clients tell us about their new sense of freedom they have encountered that can only occur with transplant surgery. Gone are creams, lotions, wigs, toupees, and that dreadful “over the top flip” in which hair is swept over from the side. Self consciousness caused by wind and water are gone. Gone too are the bald jokes as well as that strange feeling that everyone is staring at their bald patch.

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